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health, flu, sick

Short and not completely sweet. Good, bad, ugly...

The good,

The Girlfriend is in town visiting. More details on that will be in my S&F filter. If you're not on the filter... see the top post on my journal page.

The bad,

A ritual I've been planning and orchestrating for the past month and a half has just gotten axed because the kindly old man who leases us space decided to plan furnace repair on the day we'd scheduled and notified us the day before. More on that will be posted in my OTO filter.

The ugly,

I've had a stomach thing for about 8 days now. It's not fun. The nasty part is that it is now aggravating my "Guess-it-isn't-diverticulitis" and I'm having severe pain in my colon area again. It's getting inflamed and I'm having difficulty moving, standing, etc. It might be best that the 'bad' occurred for me. Assuming it doesn't continue to get worse (it's been getting steadily worse since it manifested Wednesday night) I have another CT scan on Monday.

My next week is FAR too busy to be sick on this level now. :(

I will make these other posts... but right now, I'm just trying to stay out of the bathroom for more than an hour at a time. groan

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Whether you have IBS or not, your symptoms are a sign of that, or diverticulitis, or inflammatory bowel disease, or something along those lines. My IBS presented symptoms very similar stuff to what you describe a couple of months ago. I gave this stuff a shot (I had been taking psyllium, and had the problems she describes in this article) and I've got to say, it worked wonders. It sounds expensive, but you start off slow, and even once you work up to a decent dose it still lasts a long, long time. I'm still basically working on my first pound, a couple of months in.

I'm thinking, maybe give it a shot. As she describes on the site, I also had good luck with fennel tea and rooibos tea to calm down symptoms while you're waiting for the fiber to start working.

Here's hoping you can get that to calm down, I know from experience that stuff is a -drag- with a capital G.

ugh, sorry to hear your ritual plans got killed, though perhaps for the best as you say. T'is the season to be sick. I've been swinging between 98.8 and 102.8 back and forth all day - slept 12 hours when I laid down for a 2 hour nap. Hope that your gut calms down quickly. GI probs can suck some serious syphilitic donkey dong.

Go get checked for colon cancer please!

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