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Andrei in the office


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what is that?

Aagh! Baby Sound!

Today we went to the midwife and I learned one of two possible things.

jnanacandra is either really and truly pregnant for real... or a moody Timelord who's putting on some weight and growing hair really fast.

Either way... Um.. wow.

(Note the sound of a second heartbeat is really kinda real)

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AWEsome ain't it?! I remember the first heartbeat ... And I have the photo of the ultrasound as the first baby picture in the family albums. Faustus is very proud of that photo and for many years would pull it out to show any new guest ;>


All 3 of ya :0)

hehe yes its real hehehee. You'll do just fine cheers to both of you!

Ps: *is on to your sweet little game*

It sounds like the incubation goes apace.. :)

And that is a totally disturbing pic of yourself.. you know that?

I remember hearing Owen's heartbeat for the 1st time. It was such a good feeling. :-)

btw, I saw that shimmeringjemmy is looking for a good child development book. I highly recommend "The first three years" by Burton White. It has what she's looking for :-)

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