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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

In lighter news...

I have to press really hard to make this next line work.

It would seem that my laptop's 'f' key is close to death.

Yup, my keyboard is on the ritz. I think it may be totally ucked.

The letter ades away when I don't press hard enou (okay that one is admittedly ooling around).

So, it looks like my avourite little computer must go see a ull-time specialist.

Okay, this post is now making me eel razzled.

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with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

I thought you were a techno-geek.
I figured you could go f yourself. ;-)

Doesn't matter too much... we can still tell what you mean even without the f's. =) Funny.


My Tab key doesn't work in the only application where I actually use it. (It works in everything else.) Ucking annoying, but not as much as losing a letter entirely!

What sort of laptop is it?

(Deleted comment)
I saw a comic strip about that once. A gal complains that her keyboard is broken--that a lot of the keys don't respond. A co-worker picks up her keyboard, shakes all the crumbs out, and puts it down. The woman tries the keyboard and exclaims, "You fixed it!!!"

"Yup, my keyboard is on the ritz."

On the wha???

Your first name could have been Frank. Think about the number of usernames work would have generated as 'fritz'.

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