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Late, tired, nothing to see.

Muchly to post tomorrow... err later today.

Went out on a date. Saw Brokeback Mountain. And to invite the demons o hell down on my head. It really didn't work for me. (The movie, not the date). I am a heretic. Brokeback just didn't really do much for me. (More on that tomorrow)

Got a couple of minutes chat in with the g/f :) Will see her again in 5 days :-D

After that I headed to the Wet Spot. This too will be a much longer post tomorrow when I am conscious. I am not good an nightclubs. Especially on my own when I know almost no one there. I ran into two people who I know a little who really did a wonderul job o trying to introduce me to many of their friends.

I think I was just out o headspace. The music was good. The scenes were nice. Killer version of "They're coming to take me away, ha ha" by Neuroticfish off of their album "Gelb"

Eventually I went home and fell into bed. All the while noticing my f key isn't quite as responsive as it usually is.

More tomrorow.

Point / Counterpoint - Saturday Night Live - Sketches, Vol. 1

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