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This weekend

A look back at the highs and lows of the weekend

Got home about 7:15. Checked mail. 2 or 3 personal pieces. (Hmmn, up by 2 or 3 for a typical day)

Mail 1: from Fra. Sighrus.... Couple of people in the OTO getting together to meet a brother in visiting from N.Z. at 7pm. (sighs to self) Ah, well.
Mail 2: from lapig93...Meeting at 8pm somewhere else for same thing. Hmmn, I guess I could rush and make it...
Mail 3: from Sighrus.... "Yeah, we'll meet at 8pm"
Mail 4: lapig93...Actually the place opens at 9. ..... I smile. Haven't smiled for most of the day due to the pep rally earlier.

I call lapig93
"Yeah, we're gonna meet over there at 9:30"
Hey, cool, at the rate I'm going the meeting should occur on Saturday.

I head over to the club. The club looks kind of...closed. But I ran into nitemarehipigrl who I was under the impression couldn't make it. Glad to see her. There is a small sign on the door. "Come meet across the street at the Thai restaurant - Sighrus"
We went over to the restaurant and hung for a few then back to the club.

Quiet little club. From right to left: Pool table, bar, 'sitting room', dance floor, beer bar and arcade, and a smoking room. There was a Ms. PacMan game. Played nitemarehipigrl twice. Spanked her the first time. She returned the abuse the second. So we're at 1-1 and I'm convinced I can still lick her on a machine that's not crap ;)

lapig93, his S.O., his brother, someone else (prol'ly the bro from N.Z.), heruraha,and a male friend of sighrus who really looked like shoebox_bird (someone I know from the old country Pittsburgh who is decidedly not male. ;) ) Eventually, also, lapig93's S.O.'s house mate. (Who I will confess was 'very hot'), Her boyfriend (which made her quite less hot....) Though he had hair that I shall never forget. (Made Shaft look like a marine)

Well, it was nice and all. But I still don't do well at the Bar Social thing and was really quite tired from the week. So after about 2-3 hrs.... I bailed and went for home.

On the agenda for today:
Hang with abnrml, amythyst,and mr_dark. amythyst has said she will be my test subject as I try to become an amateur photographer. Then later they will take me to a get together at 'cam girl' crankyangel's place. Though, she (herself) will not be there.

abnrml shows around 1. amythyst calls to say that they will be there around 4. I order chinese for me, abnrml, and of course burningblue (my housemate). They show around 3:15, food around 3:30. We watch VH1 Classic Videos. It's a web channel that just shows old videos and nothing else. Unfortunately, this afternoon is bad rock bands of the 60's and 70's.
About 4:30 amythyst and I go to kill a digital roll of camera contents.

I've always wanted to do model photography, because, maybe I'm just too full of myself...I've hated 90% of the stuff I've seen. I think it's the director in me. I need pictures that talk to me. That invoke feeling. Now, my studio is my yet to be cleaned room. So that was pleasantly embarrassing as I moved boxes around so I could shoot.

I thought this would be far easier than it was. I knew what I did and didn't like from other pictures. However, now I was calling the shots. I was nervous, she was nervous, and this was a medium that I'd really only done head shots in. The first 20 or so shots were awkward. After that we were able to start working together well. And then 100 or so more shots. I transfered the pictures to my workstation and looked at a few. I figured that cropping a few might make for good pictures.

We then headed out for crankyangel's place. As stated she was not there. But webwatcher was (who also lives there). He gave the tour of the place. 5 cams, most were off. Guess I was online yesterday. Eventually, littlesunshine showed up (who I met) and we ordered Chinese food. (Gods 2 in one day) Then we watched "Moulon Rouge"

Moulon Rouge. Um. Wow. I am so not worthy. Deep in my heart I want to direct film. I am so not worthy. My gods. Ow. Oh. Um, Fuck. Ow. Happily I will only confess now, that nobody noticed the fact that I was all teared up after the film.

Maybe... Maybe someday.

Back to the house to look over the work from earlier. I l think I can use about 50 of the pictures. So this was for the most part a success.

Was supposed to meet up with a friend I've been talking to for about 2 months online from one of the SoCal Poly lists. She's about two hours north of the city so she doesn't get down to L.A. very often. Granted, she goes up to S.F. almost every weekend. This weekend she's down in Irvine and is supposed to come by and hang out for an hour or so in the afternoon.

I wake up at 9:30...(not bad since I crashed at about 4:30) I ignore this and wake up at 11:00. I call Ari.This morning I'm tired. I don't feel well. Great, I'm tired. This means I'm also prone for a depression dip.
Noon: IM from friend. She's had a death in the family. No visit. I'm finding it harder and harder to balance between understanding friend-like person and selfish, self-centered person. Fortunately, I can be intelligent and understanding about death.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful. Laundry, shopping, recycling.
Recycling: finally took the recycling that's been building up. It's 2.5 cents per can/bottle/etc.... I guess, I did fairly well. $4.00 worth of recycling. That gives you a warm fuzzy in the captain planet kind of way.

Bought food, had dinner. grumped all day.

Friend of mine told me that she is coming to grips with the fact that she is poly. (I've been telling her this for a few years) So, that's a conversation point

Called Ari around 9. Not feeling well, so I went into the bedroom to talk to her. Laying down on the bed started to make me sleepy. Set clock and went to sleep.

Woke up abound 11:45. Not tired now. Started typing....

So lets see how next week goes.

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