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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

BYU may have found cure for AIDS

Reading over jnanacandra's shoulder this morning. (Something I only do until she gets annoyed)

I noticed an article on BYU researchers discovering a possible cure for AIDS. This isn't a remission thing, this is a "hunt it down and kill it" thing. This admittedly fills me with great optimism.

I guess for me the confusion is that it's coming out of BYU in Salt Lake City. For some reason an article on the eradication of AIDS at BYU sounds like a new course study on peace and disarming the government at West Point.

But this may just be the shallowness of my mind :)

(Note: The article is slow to load. I this the Salt Lake Tribune might be overwhelmed by the hits coming in)

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OK, I won't quibble that BYU is actually in Provo (it's like saying you live in Tacoma).

What I will say are two simple words: cold fusion.
I am highly doubtful of any scientific innovation that comes out of my state, not because I doubt their ability, but I doubt their integrity.

And I'll end with a quote from one of my favorite comedians: "Can you imagine the day they cure AIDS? Dude, if you can't get laid that day, just give it up."


OK, sorry, this has been scratching me backwards and I finally realized why: this is in the business section of the Trib.

A couple more mouse clicks and viola! watch the company's stock triple in two and a half days of trading. (granted it went from $1.25 to 3.75 which also makes me suspicious).

And you know, I will gladly bow and apologize to the good folks at BYU if it comes to pass that they actually managed to pull this off.

(Deleted comment)

black white and gold...

OK, now I'm boggled. How do you and Andrei know each other?

We've circled each other for enough time, one more and we're just going to have to have coffee. ;-)

And not to speak for A, but I'll wager it's along the line of conservatives see AIDS as a consequence of illicit sex so BYU finding a cure would be a tacit victory for unsafe sex.

Of course, we won't talk about the fact that devout Mormons love (procreative) sex. I was told just recently about family members getting phone calls every few days from a newly married couple saying, (couched in theological contortions) basically, "we're going to go have sex now, please pray for us to conceive" which I find HIGHLY disturbing.

(Deleted comment)

Re: black white and gold...

of course it is theorhetical coffee, I'm still hiding from the Seattle Immigration cops for fear they will throw me out for not drinking the stuff. And it's not Mormon for me, it's just a series of burns on the roof of my mouth courtesy of a certain monolithic green and white logo'd company whose corporate headquarters I can see out my window.

and as far as your baby sister, I won't say a word, other than this: gee, having lots of hormonally challenged teens abstain from sex until marriage, is it any wonder that the birth rate goes through the roof - they get married and sex starts happening. Now if we could just teach them about birth control. Of course, technique is much later, if ever.

(Deleted comment)

Re: black white and gold...

Oh believe me, being an only child, I used to get a ration of shyte for "not carrying on the family name" but a few years ago, the smack got laid down. Mom now knows that the only way she's getting grandkids is if I marry someone with pre-fabs.

Re: black white and gold...

*really wants to steal your icon*
*will post again when I finish reading and have something to actually say*

where do you think I got it from? ;-)

Re: black white and gold...

Heh... that reminds me of something a friend of [Bad username: jonah777&quot;> said. He converted to the Mormon church as a young man when he married his first wife (he no longer practices that religion.) When <lj user=] asked him why he converted, he replied, "Well, there was this blow job..."

Re: black white and gold...

Thinking of Mormons and blowjobs...

Back during the Clinton Impeachment, I remember hearing an interview with some BYU students (those brave souls who have to sign an honor code to attend and will be kicked out for immoral behaviour). He said, "Well, if oral sex doesn't count as sex, my weekends just got a whole lot better."

Re: black white and gold...

That's funny. jonah777 had the incomparable experience have answering the question, "What's oral sex?" from his then nine-year-old stepdaughter, who had watched a news report on Clinton.

Re: black white and gold...

Gawddammit! what is it with LJ truncating my posts lately?!?!?!

Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing?! Sadly I'm much too jaded from past "cure" revelations to be overly hopeful.

Reading over [info]shimmeringjemmy's shoulder this morning. (Something I only do until she gets annoyed)

That annoys lady_saffir when i do that too. As for the cure for AIDS, it would be great. I hope it isn't just another bit of hype though.

Cynically, Mormons have been doing some intense recruiting in Asia and Africa, where AIDS is decimating generations, and if they are the ones with the cure, Mormonism will easily overtake the other religions that are recruiting on those continents.

Wow. Someone with more intense conspiracy theories about the Mormons than I do! Hi!

Just a breif warning: annoying pregger chikas is not good for your health.

As for the AIDs cure, I'll believe it when I see it. There really is no use getting all worked up about somtehing that's been "cried wolf" so many times.

Wow a cure for AIDS. That would be nice. But.... BYU??? Its just odd. If they found a cure for AIDS the Mormons woundn't be able to use it as an excuse to keep the little mormon kids from having premarital sex. But.... They would be able to keep alot more of their converts alive that come from other countries where AIDS is a huge problem. And I agree with the person who said if they had the cure there church numbers would go up greatly in Africa. Oh god, they're going to take over the world using this cure. Quick, who in the OTO is a scientist! We need to get a team on this right away, steal the research and continue it for ourselves so we will have total world control! I'm only partly kidding.

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