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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

All I'm sayin'...


However, the one thing that makes it even sweeter...

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OK, for that longshot, I am happy for you.

You can use the money to pay off the referees.

Damn but those grapes are sour!

congrats, your team is slightly less error prone than ours! and better at duping refs. ;)

93, Lord Andrei: Great going! I played a hunch and took the under parlay and really hit the bullseye by picking a 6-1 flyer Pittsburgh would win between 7-12 points. That interception in the 4th quarter was karmic! It made up for the one Seattle picked off in the 3rd and quite literally won the game. Very exciting near the end for the spread. I was in the Ibis for luck. That last pass was too close to the endzone.

Had to miss the first half as I needed to attend Mass to brush up for the Massathon. Hope to see you then. Be well & be wealthy'
93, Dragonactpor

Awesome! You were due a win!

you "earned" it this year! Congrats on the groceries :-)

Ahh well, now I know who won. ;)

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