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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Administrivia: Welcome new readers

Well, Dec/Jan were slow posting months. I suppose this was a good thing. Life was keeping me busy.

In December two new people really entered my life. On the 24th I discovered that my dear jnanacandra was pregnant. During that month I also started a new relationship. (Yes, kids... Poly... Deal)

January was equally busy with the surprises that both changes can bring.

On the down side, the accident has really slowed me down more than I expected. This past week I received confirmation from my doctor that an MRI shows that I have a broken disc in my back. I have to be very careful now how I hold my back and how long I remain either standing or sitting. I have regular back flare ups which are handled with muscle relaxants and pain relievers. Fortunately, my PIP covers this.

As I head into February, I'm now pushing harder on the job search again. This is complicated by providing first trimester care and the complications with my back.

In the past month I've picked up 18 readers and lost 5.

So a welcome to:
aragorntyrant, arlandria83, gypsy_fae, ladyithis, lexicat, sunspiral, tikvah, minerva42, s00j, cathijosephine, moiety_tx, tedgill, motive_nuance, pyramis, wishingwell111, equalinvain, ke1j1_san, luna_piena

As for the people who've left... Um.. **waves**

As always... newer readers should go to my main Administrivia post on Filters. I have certain posts that even "All Friends" don't see. Though they are opt in via filters.

More soon.

In the words of jonah777 which I absolutely adore on his posts:

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wow.. I didn't see the entry/entries about the accident. I don't know how I missed them. Sorry, babe, that sounds traumatizing. I hope all is well now and you no longer have issues driving.

And I hope your back gets all healed and better soon.

Sorry to hear about your back... miserable! What can they do for it? From what I understand disc problems are as painful as childbirth...so you will be ready to help jnanacandra when it is time.

and about the Genuine Seattle Rainwater... hard to believe. I wonder if I can seel Genuine Schulkyll River Water? except it wouldn't be nearly that clean looking. LOL.

Okay, so I've been totally in work and master's paper hell. I'm still in both hells, btw, so don't expect regular posts any time soon.

Congratulations, daddy! :-) Poly or not, you're going to find some amazing changes when you become a dad. Sleep now, however... :-)

Your old friend. :-)

For some unknown reason I never saw that you got in an accident. My gods I'm so sorry. That can be so hard on a person. I hope your back gets better!

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