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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

As we get closer to Sunday...

I am reminded more and more that Seattle is not Pittsburgh...

Over all this is a good thing. One dose of Pittsburgh I will get on Sunday is to watch my football team run rampant and win :)

In the mean time there is only one other thing I really, really wish I could get... And I'd be forever indebted to anyone who could pull it off before Sunday.

First, look beyond the link

And no cheese. Other than that... load it up 'n at.

**niff niff**

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So, specifically a Primanti Brothers or just that style of sandwich?

I know it sounds silly, but humour me. There's a place in the food court at Alderwood that makes a really good steak bomb. And they make it to order, so no cheese is a whiz (rimshot).

I miss them soooooooo much

I need to get up to SF . . . there is apparently a place called Giordano Brothers that is a Primanti's Wanna-be, started by former Yinzers. Though you can't get an egg on your sandwich, or so I hear.

Re: I miss them soooooooo much

Tim wants to go there, too. You two should get together on that.

I loves me the Primanti Brothers. What a great, dangerous sandwich they make.

Ok, what exactly is on this sandwich?

The primanti's sandwich

The Number 2 seller "The Primanti's Cheese-steak"

Is a piece of steak-meat, grilled, then served on two slices of Texas Toast with cheese and grilled onions. The sandwich is served with coleslaw and French fries.

What makes the sandwich special is that the coleslaw and Fries are served in the sandwich.

Re: The primanti's sandwich

hmmm....it's hard to get decent coleslaw in Seattle. The only place that comes to mind is the only decent BBQ place I've found--Willie's Taste of Soul on Beacon Hill.

I heard a rumor tonight...

that a big wind storm is coming this way which holds the potential to cut the electricity in Snohomish on Sunday.\

No joke.

Get your magick on.

Re: I heard a rumor tonight...

Where did you hear this? This is cruel torture if it happens.


Re: I heard a rumor tonight...

Have a back up plan...like a battery-operated radio or a place outside of Snohomish to drive to (carry your party to a bar maybe?) to see the game. :)

Re: I heard a rumor tonight...

I heard it from one of Christian's neighbors last night at their house. Then it was confirmed by raido weather report this a.m.

We're talking about wind gusts from 30 to 60 mph affecting the greater Seattle area with the stronger gusts northward. This is supposed to happen all day on Saturday, so if there is a problem, it might be fixed by game time. The major concern is that the amount of rain we've had is making the trees highly suceptable to falling down.

Sorry.. No Primanti Bros.... At least I don't know how to get a hold of them... And hubby is already taunting me.... If I get pregnent I have a habbit of craving these... The last two times I was pregnant I was in Pittsburgh and could satisfy that craving.. sadly... next time I'll probably be in NC... and well... No where near a Primanti Bros.....

*sighs* I miss them too. Though hopefully taking a trip back to see my family sometime in May... (It's been almost 2 years..) Hopefully I'll get a chance to stop at the original... and wax nostalgic about college.. ;-)

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