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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

It's been a while since I've posted one of these: RANDOM IMs

I seem to be the center of IM hell from time to time.

Now, I know fully that listing my IM's in web pages, user databases, etc is probably not a good idea. Spam really wasn't much of a problem <voice char="wizenedElder">waaaay back in the old days</voice>.

But now, any moron with a cyber-cafe in Bagladesh can log on and talk directly to you for mostly free.

So, from the home office (this time in Turkey) I give you today's

8:35 - Andrei logs in

ICQ 8:34:28 @}->--@}->--@}->--@}->--

Andrei 8:35:12 Um hello.

ICQ 8:35:20 hallo

Andrei 8:35:33 Thank you for the roses. Who is this?

ICQ 8:35:53 for you ?

Andrei 8:36:25 Yes, I got that impression. I am curious who you are that feels moved to send me ascii roses over ICQ :?)
8:36:46 I do not recognize this ICQ ID. My apologies if I should

ICQ 8:37:03 do hav msn adres my msn adres xxxxxxx_xxxxx@hotmail.com

Andrei 8:37:30 Which is nice to know; but doesn't tell me who you are if I don't know you.

ICQ 8:38:40 ı m TÜRKİYE antalya my name hayal contak you no liik ok no problem
ICQ disconnected 8:39:06

*sigh*... just *sigh*

The Internet Is for Porn - Avenue Q

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Wow....they've never given ME roses before. :(

Almost a daily occurrence for me... usually some guy going to tech school in India or Pakistan wanting me to do his (or her homework) or asking me to suggest projects to them or give them websites to help them learn C or C++... and what really irks me is that they get my IM name from a Yahoo Group C Programming forum, which pretty much has pages and pages of relevant links to what they want, free software, draft ISO documents, etc...

And then when I don't immediately answer them, they start hitting that BUZZ thing (which, hehhehhe, doesn't work for gaim anyway, so it gets ignored, but I still yell at them for using it)

Avenue Q is going to rock when we see it in Vegas :)

Daily occurance in the life and times of Zoe. I get at least three foreign guys trying to hit me up for anything from marriage to a one night stand (on or off line... ewww...). Three is a low number for most days. I've also got a couple of fake sns for forum role play purposes that constantly get proposals ranging from vulgar to eternity.

YAY Avenue Q!!!!

IN other news, my wisdom teeth are really really hurty so I'm not sure any more if I can make a potentially late night drive home from your place... we'll see how I feel on Sat.

All they ever give me is strange URLs!

(also, about a third of them think I'm named Karen.)

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