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It's been a while since I've posted one of these: RANDOM IMs

I seem to be the center of IM hell from time to time.

Now, I know fully that listing my IM's in web pages, user databases, etc is probably not a good idea. Spam really wasn't much of a problem <voice char="wizenedElder">waaaay back in the old days</voice>.

But now, any moron with a cyber-cafe in Bagladesh can log on and talk directly to you for mostly free.

So, from the home office (this time in Turkey) I give you today's

8:35 - Andrei logs in

ICQ 8:34:28 @}->--@}->--@}->--@}->--

Andrei 8:35:12 Um hello.

ICQ 8:35:20 hallo

Andrei 8:35:33 Thank you for the roses. Who is this?

ICQ 8:35:53 for you ?

Andrei 8:36:25 Yes, I got that impression. I am curious who you are that feels moved to send me ascii roses over ICQ :?)
8:36:46 I do not recognize this ICQ ID. My apologies if I should

ICQ 8:37:03 do hav msn adres my msn adres

Andrei 8:37:30 Which is nice to know; but doesn't tell me who you are if I don't know you.

ICQ 8:38:40 ı m TÜRKİYE antalya my name hayal contak you no liik ok no problem
ICQ disconnected 8:39:06

*sigh*... just *sigh*

The Internet Is for Porn - Avenue Q

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