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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Well the unending battle...

..between Livejournal, their code, and the smtp servers of the world has apparently taken a step backwards again. I received no email notifications from LJ.

Thus believing that my last few posts went without comment. This morning I found about 15 comments to my iGod post when I actually looked at my journal page.

This is a bit annoying because the email is the easiest way for me to monitor the incoming comments.

Just my $0.02 while I play with some code.


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Agreed! And I am sitting here thinking the same thing. But I haven't received any emails for the past few hours. Though, I tested an internal and external send to that address and they both went through fine. I haven't even received any spam.

Doncha just lurve system glitches.

Remember the last time this happened? I got comment notices for weeks afterwards.

let me know how long it takes before you get this one ; )

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