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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

And on the note of football....

Yes, I will be hosting a Superbowl Party

Yes, Seahawks fans are invited.

Yes, you should comment if this interests you ;)

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Definitely interested, unless I host my own. :)

Definitely interested, however do we know what time kickoff is?

I am in rehearsal from 1-5 that day. :-(

Game's at 3:30 our time, sadly. But feel free to stop by when you're done; the game probably won't be over till 6:30 and people are welcome to hang out after.

Congrats and good luck

Hello Lordandrei. Congrats on Pittsburgh's big win, it sure helped my bank account. Good luck in the Superbowl. I know how exciting it is when you win, and how low you can go when you don't. The Giants should have beaten Seattle, so they really are overrated. Besides, their helmet logo with the stupid looking bird should be banned. It does remind me of a Ancient American Indian totem. So, magickally attack the Bird. There will not be much of a spread; perhaps Seattle will be favored by 2. Go get 'em.

93, Dragonactor.

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