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Adding new friends

Well, I was told to take a look through my friend of list so I added some people that I didn't know had joined LJ :)

I'm not adding everyone that is new in my friend of list because there are people who I frankly don't know and haven't commented in my journal, so I'll have to look at theirs to figure out who they are.

New friend adds (and these may include other sub groups that I have for auth purposes)
am4v Arch, I'm glad that there are still those of us who love the hold-over Andrew user ID format :-D

counterparts know, I'd call this weird...But knowing them...okay knowing one and getting to know the just makes positive sense. BTW: Special kudos to chaoticgoodnik for being a major force of bringing my brother back from the dead and bringing him back to us. You are such a welcome addition to our family.

ocean_of_tears A growing trend on LJ to have a secondary journal to be something both different from the daily you and at the same time more representative of a slice of you. This is simply a poetry journal of someone I already know. I think I know who it is; but I'm not sure...and it really doesn't matter to me; because they don't really want to have an identity tied to it. I took a brief look and added it. I understand what it's like to want to share odd slices of what's inside in new ways.

People I'm holding off on temporarily:
jd7a This one is bugging me. For the life of me I can't resolve 'jd7a' in my head. The best I came up with was Jonah, but he's not in Austin, he's in SF. He's from Texas. I know I'm gonna feel really silly when someone inevitably reminds me who jd7a is. I'll read the journal and probably figure it out and add them anyways ;)

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