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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Why yes, I am a vicious &$*#

So, I suggested to jnanacandra that we volunteer at a planned parenthood clinic. Nothing confuses fundies more than choosing life and yet choosing to support someone else's right to choice.

Me: We want to help protect these mother's rights to choose.
Fundie: But we'll get violent!
Me: But if you get violent you might harm the foetus growing in my wife. You don't want to harm my unborn child?
Fundie: But .,.. no... but... um... why.. erg... overload... ethical dilemma... BOOM

(one less fundie) hee hee hee

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Oh sure...you liberals and your "reasoned arguments" and appeals for non-violence.

It's un-American, I tella ya!


I think it's a wonderful idea!

:0) :0)

I simply *love* the idea of s spontaneously exploding fundies!!! DO IT!!!

While I think it's a great idea, there have been incidents in the past where they have actually attacked pregnant women and even made a few miscarry. This doesn't happen often but it has happened. Pregnant pro-choicers confuse them and confusion makes them angry. The risks you wish to take are up to you, I just thought you might want to be well-informed.

You know what is too bad? They don't issue hunting licenses for fundies in NJ... Nor anywhere in the christian states of america I suppose... Oh well... THAT is a fun dream.

Oh, my gawd...I love your icon. It's fabulous!

I love your icon! (I posted this anonymously first--thought I was logged in and wasnt.)


What a great idea! Pregnant escort volunteers at abortion providers!

I will worship you both if you do this.

(one less fundie) hee hee hee

*playing Queen's Another One Bites the Dust*

While I salute your commitment to the cause (both of you), as someone who has actually had to enter the building for an abortion procedure - a pregnant escort would have destroyed me emotionally at that time.

Choosing to have an abortion doesn't mean that you don't want children, it means that you can't afford/handle/etc a pregnancy *right now*. Seeing what could have been is painful.

Do be careful.

And that definitely makes you an evil man. But it's a good kind of evil.

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