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Today's ounce of sacrilege

Cross posted to polyamory community. Please forgive me if you see this more than once.

I got into a really weird mood this evening. I was listening to a song off a favourite soundtrack from a musical. The song has (as far as I know) absolutely nothing to do with what I was reading into it.

What I heard was two women singing a song to the same man. Mostly together, but each in their own way. They shared love for him and both wanted to be with him. They were together in this and their voices blended together in their shared love of him.

I've been dealing with my beliefs, faiths, realization of polyamoury and the very difficult journey that any lifestyle like this is for a male in this time. The song, I've always found beautiful. This time I think it made me detach a little.

For anyone devoutly religious, please do not turn this into an attack on your religion, for me this was just a song I've always liked that touched me in a new way tonight.

By My SideGodspell soundtrackWhere are you going?Where are you going?Can you take me with you?For my hand is coldAnd needs warmthWhere are you going?Far beyond where the horizon liesWhere the horizon liesAnd the land sinks into mellow bluenessOh please, take me with youLet me skip the road with youI can dare myselfI can dare myselfI'll put a pebble in my shoeAnd watch me walk (watch me walk)I can walk(chorus) I can walk!I shall call the pebble DareI shall call the pebble DareWe will walk, we will talk togetherWe will talk (chorus) about walkingDare shall be carried(chorus) And when we both have had enoughI will take him from my shoe, singing(chorus) "Meet your new road!" Then I'll take your handFinally glad (chorus) Finally gladThat you are hereBy my side

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