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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

And in other news.... Gnostic Gingerbread!

In an increasing effort to acclimate myself to this "kitchen" thing... I decided to try to make gingerbread cookies for tomorrow.

And I decided to make 'em "OTO" style...

So... here's what my first venture into cookies, gingerbread, and artistic food came out as:

OTO Gingerbread Cookies :)

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Looks great.

I suppose hoping for gingerbread cakes of light is going too far, eh?


That's my favorite! They're beautiful, you did a great job. :}

How funny! You know, it seems like the OTO lj thang is missing a foodporn forum! :)

COS: Cooking Occult Style! :)


The Eye of Horus came out really really good! Nice job!

spiff. :) I made a bat and some snowflakes...I tried to do a dragon but it fell apart...poo. Not gingerbread. Cardomom cookies and erm...hm. I lost the word. S-...Damn goldfish ate the other half. Anyway. Italian cookie things with raisins in them (they don't get along with cookie cutters, particularly large complex ones like dragons).

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