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MemeTime: The yearin Review

Well, I went through the first post of the month to see what my life has been like the past 12 months. I can say in all honest review that the single posts of the month don't give the slightest impression of life.

Moments in life seem to be remembered when they mark special moments. But much like poker, one card on the table can be a savior, a dud, a lucky draw, or an amazing fortune. The only thing to remember is the odds of getting one card are the same as the odds of getting one other card.'

Picking twelve random events (well topics that prompted me to type) could have been very indicative of my personality and my history. It could have been many things. It wasn't really a reflection of my past year. Some would argue that it wasn't completely random as I pulled the first post of the month. This of course assumes that the milestones of my life all neatly package themselves into a neat order.

I supposed if I woke up on the first every month and did a quick summary of the last month... there might be some lack of randomness. But many people who know me will agree; I'm not that orderly in affairs of my own life.

I do however think that this month is a good time to look over the wealth of bandwidth I used (costing the net hundreds if not thousands of dollars). Assess the past year of postings. What did I say? Did it matter? Was it of any value? What haven't I accomplished? What have I accomplished?

To put it into simple terms of one of an old colleagues favourite movies, "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly."

This will take some thought :)
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