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Memetime: Song Signature

I picked this up from a posting by solcita.

Presenting my iTunes signature (.wav, 3.8 MB, :22 sec), a collection of some of the songs I listen to the most on my library (not counting the songs I paid for on iTunes)

If this is nifty to you. Then you'll probably want to try it yourself :)

See if you can figure out what songs are in there before looking at the cut.

TitleArtistAlbumStarting AtEnding At
Take On Mea-HaHunting High and Low1:03.21:06.0
Lost In The ShadowsGramm, LouLost Boys, The4:54.34:56.3
Uptown girlJoel, Billy3:04.43:05.7
The ReflexDuran DuranSeven and the Ragged Tiger2:34.22:37.0
You May ThinkCars, The1:52.21:54.8
Virtual DateBlake HodgettsBlindsight2:40.42:42.4
VenusBananarama80s Pop Culture Disc 70:12.80:14.9
CongaEstefan, Gloria2:38.42:40.1
Dear GodXTCSkylarking0:04.80:07.2
We Will Rock YouQueenNews Of The World1:13.91:15.7
Baba O'RileyWho, The2:54.12:56.4
Walk The DinosaurWas Not Was4:09.74:12.6
Generals And MajorsXTCNew Wave Hits of the 80s, Volume 043:07.83:10.3
Mr. RobotoStyxLike, Omigod! The 80s Pop Culture Box (Totally) [Disc 5]1:41.51:44.2
VenusShocking Blue1:59.12:00.3
Every Rose has its ThornPoison2:41.22:43.5
Eight arms (to hold you)Goon Squad1:04.61:05.9
Dust In The WindKansas0:25.60:27.2
LoreleiStyxGreatest Hits3:11.03:12.7
We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)Turner, TinaMad Max 3 Beyond Thunderdome0:39.70:42.0
WordsMissing PersonsLike, Omigod! The 80s Pop Culture Box (Totally) (Disc 3)4:14.64:17.4
Dr. FeelgoodMötley Crüe4:35.04:36.6
VeronicaCostello, Elvis and the ...Spike1:20.41:22.3
Everlasting LoveJones, HowardCross That Line0:00.00:02.4
ParanoimiaThe Art Of Noise w/ Max HeadroomLike, Omigod! The 80s Pop Culture Box (Totally) [Disc 7]0:53.80:55.9
Dancing With MyselfBilly Idol80s Pop Culture Disc 23:14.43:15.5
Easy LoverPhilip Bailey& Phil Collins4:50.54:51.6
Girls On FilmDuran DuranDuran Duran3:17.83:19.2
You Really Got MeVan Halen1:41.31:42.7
Hungry Like The WolfDuran DuranRio2:54.32:57.3

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