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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

What are people saying behind your back

I said this would be up by 6pm. I can say in all honesty it is late because of Snow.

Yes! Snow, snow, SNOW!!!

Anyways.... From the memes (which you can still add to here:

Nice things people have said about people on my friends list: (And no I'm not telling who)

solcita - is love wrapped in skin
jadine - always has a warm hug ready and nice things to say when "I" see her.
dissimilus - is a freakin' incredible photographer, and a nice guy too
jnanacandra - is lovely and nifty and fun.
lazuli93 - "I" love working with her, and "I"'ve learned a lot from her.
blk is just glowingly beautiful. I bet she even looks good first thing in the morning.
lady_saffir and anubis75 - are so accepting of folks. I love that.
vixenesque93 - "I" have a huge crush on you.
scifigal - Georgeous, genious, sexy, fun to play with at con, fun to tease the pit-master with...

I have the following compliments that I don't know who they are about:
???? - Her dancing makes me smile

And thank you for this one as I know who made the comment :)
lordandrei - does wonderful tea and conversation and even better hugs.

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that's so unfair, because I was drunk at the time. Shouldn't I know who was using me to tease someone else? Obviously this is someone I know from Orycon, but I don't recognize the name on your fl.

Please tell me?

that's an awesome compliment, btw

It was either Norwes or Rusty, in the IBT slave pit, you and I double teamed Kevin the "pit master".

Aww. That's a compliment that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and blushy. Thanks to whomever wrote that. :)

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