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People who know me very well, know that I have difficulty with the term family. To say I am estranged from my blood is an understatement.

Last night, I said good night and fare well forever to a man who led a core of few people in my life who let me know what the term family means.

He brought me so many other words to hide that:
Friend, teacher, mentor, comrade, student, foil, pain in the ass, jester, Pan.

But, he was always there. He did so without trying.

He simply was who he was.

And in my faith, beliefs, and philosophy; that sentence carries more weight than can be measured.

I can't list all the memories, activities, roles, things that I learned from him. Each one is a single star in the body of Nuit that made up my relationship with him.

I can't find the right quotation, or lyric, or poetry to express my feelings for who he was, for that is like trying to define the infinite unity of Hadit.

He taught me so much of what I now know and understand in my own philosophy and I'm proud to say that I don't want to live the life he lived at all.

But I want to live my life with the same zest and love as he did.

The world is slightly colder and knowing I will never hear the sound of you bleating like a satyr again.

The Astral is slightly warmer and more crowded knowing that they will always have leather chaps in your size.

Thank you, Chris.


Unto Christopher from whose eyes the veil of life hath fallen may there be granted the accomplishment of his true Will; whether he wills absorption in the Infinite, or to be united with his chosen and preferred, or to be in contemplation, or to be at peace, or to achieve the labour and heroism of incarnation on this planet or another, or in any Star, or aught else, unto him may there be granted the accomplishment of his will; yea, the accomplishment of his will.
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