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MEMETime: So I don't have to think...

Version 93102938 of the random questions for random friends here.

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1) What would musickal think of sinangel? I think they already know each other
2) If lunaetstellae commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? she'd have batallions of footmen ;)
3) Which president would lazuli93 be likely to idolize? A rock star president :)
4) What exotic animal would happysteve like as a pet? A polka chip
5) Would fyrebringer and tydestra look good together? I wouldn't mind
6) If sbank took over the world, who would suffer? sbank
7) Has christeos_pir dyed their hair? I have no clue
8) What mental disorder does usumcasane remind you of? Joikol Addiction
9) How long have you known paulrhume? 7 years?
10) What would scigeek do differently in your shoes? Stumble. She has much smaller feet
11) Would you make out with tygeressdenacht? Again?
12) If tygermoonfoxx and deliverator93 were spliced together, what would be its name? delivoonfox?
13) What would you do if you found out yesayelien has a crush on you? Nothing, she still wouldn't visit ;)
14) What color should jnanacandra dye their hair? Red
15) Is jhulten your best friend? No, but I keep trying ;)
16) Has sophia156 been to your house/dorm? Not my latest one, but many before... even helped me move once.
17) Does sinangel have a dog? Dunno
18) Could you see najwa_maryam and intralimina together? No.
19) Is tshuma in a relationship? Yes.
20) One quality you find attractive in jennyoakes? openness
21) What flavor of jello would lunaetstellae be? lemon
22) Would tavalon be a better ninja or pirate? pirate
23) What is nitemarehipigrl's favorite band/artist? Guh?
24) Is elphie introverted or extroverted? Extroverted
25) Would you ever date kelliusunholius? Maybe, but it would require a ton of paperwork on both our parts first.
26) Where was yesayelien born? L.A.?
27) Where would sea_gaagii most like to visit? Apple campus? (Ducks)
28) Where did you first meet yendi? His Kitchen
29) Are gasbarri and ariedana married? Nope
30) Does lady_saffir do drugs? I plead the fifth
31) If vixenesque93 were hanging off a cliff, what would tailerouge do? Help without a second thought
32) What animal should jhulten be combined with? Kodiak Bear?
33) lionserpent's eye color? I have never peered into his eyes that deeply
34) Is jackal_child related to revlainiep? No.
35) Would you wrestle sinangel in jello? see #30
36) fraterrisus's hair color? Same as mine on top. Invisible :)
37) Does nitemarehipigrl know lady_saffir? Oh, yeah
38) Is kerrizor popular? depends on what she's holding and the size of her stack.
39) Is frater_pfdv athletic? depends how fast he can run ;)
40) Is scigeek an emo? No
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