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Phone tree rant

Okay... Here it goes.

World, pay attention

If you have someone on hold for more than 2 minutes. No matter how many times your automated voice tells us:
  1. You appreciate our patience

  2. Our call is important to you

  3. Your agents are busy helping other customers

It does not mean:
  • That you actually care about us beyond an income source

  • You appreciate anything beyond which hold music you choose to entertain us

  • Your outsourced, english mangling, under paid, phone drones, are actually supplying help

World: And I am speaking to you Corporate America:

If you really are sorry to keep us on hold....

If you really want to help us....Stop using phone trees that lead only to forons (foreign morons) reading a script.
And most importantly... Give us a direct line to the person who will fix the problem instead of transfering us 5 times to 4 forons who will transfer us to the person who has no direct phone number

I got to talk to 4 people with hindu accents that finally transfered me to a woman in a tacoma regional station to set up a house call because our tv is out.

Total phone time for this adventure:
5 calls, 2 transfers to busy signals, 1 transfer to 30 minutes hold time and a disconnect, 1 transfer to an unattended headset.

Total time on phone: 48 minutes 35 seconds.

Total times automated voice told my patience was appreciated: 37

What You Own - Rent (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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