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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Phone tree rant

Okay... Here it goes.

World, pay attention

If you have someone on hold for more than 2 minutes. No matter how many times your automated voice tells us:
  1. You appreciate our patience

  2. Our call is important to you

  3. Your agents are busy helping other customers

It does not mean:
  • That you actually care about us beyond an income source

  • You appreciate anything beyond which hold music you choose to entertain us

  • Your outsourced, english mangling, under paid, phone drones, are actually supplying help

World: And I am speaking to you Corporate America:

If you really are sorry to keep us on hold....

If you really want to help us....Stop using phone trees that lead only to forons (foreign morons) reading a script.
And most importantly... Give us a direct line to the person who will fix the problem instead of transfering us 5 times to 4 forons who will transfer us to the person who has no direct phone number

I got to talk to 4 people with hindu accents that finally transfered me to a woman in a tacoma regional station to set up a house call because our tv is out.

Total phone time for this adventure:
5 calls, 2 transfers to busy signals, 1 transfer to 30 minutes hold time and a disconnect, 1 transfer to an unattended headset.

Total time on phone: 48 minutes 35 seconds.

Total times automated voice told my patience was appreciated: 37

What You Own - Rent (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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"Foreign Morons?"

Not knowing exactly what you experienced, I feel compelled to mention that someone without a good command of english is not neccesarily a moron. The english language doesn't make much sense compared to other languages. And it's probably not their fault if they haven't been trained properly.

I don't mean to rant at you, but the term "foreign morons" kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I do share your frustration with the whole "your call is important to us" schtick. Of course if it were important to them, they'd be taking my damn call instead of supplying a recorded message about how much they respect me and value my business.

The WORST part of it is the voice saying "Your call is important to us." After hearing that about 3 times I am ready to reach through the phone and trottle someone...

Of course, the anger does help in dealing with the idiiots on the other end of the line.

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