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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Memetime redux

So I posted this one Sunday. I'm going to repost it because it hit a few snags.

1) the 100 space limit on text questions was too limiting
2) people left comments about people without telling me which person.

So, here we go again (I'll still list answers from the last one)

The idea is to write something nice about someone on my friends list. Yes, you have to tell me who it's about. (I won't tell)

Then, when I get all the responses I'll make a posting that says:
afreeman - Someone says "You're clever. That's so cool."

It's a chance to give almost (but not really) anonymous compliments to people.

Poll #622857 Say something nice about someone on my friendslist. I'll post the answers later without identifying who said what.

Here's 100 characters of space:

Here's 100 more...

Need more space?

Just in case there are many people to say nice things about

Hopefully a total of 500 is enough :)

I'll post all the comments from Sunday's poll-post and todays by 6pm Thursday (my time)
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