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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

A look at the damage...

Here is a link to the pictures. The main link is to thumbnails. Click on each thumbnail for a better picture and description.

We'll call insurance on Monday for details.

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But Okay. And... I got to help with the inits this weekend.. Thst probably didn't entirely help my back. Will gladly give the details "Off LJ" if you want.

I hope you're alright.

It looks like mostly rear end damage. That should be repairable, depending on how much the insurance company wants to spend (i.e., it's mostly sheetmetal work). The main mechanical portions look undamaged (i.e., the front end, as it is a FWD car).

It doesn't look nearly as bad as I thought it would. They don't tend to total new cars unless there is major frame damage. Despite the fact that the retail value is lower than the loan total, the value of the car will still be really high. They should only total it if it is not feasible to repair it in a way that will be road safe.

Ouch. I'm glad you came out of it unscraped- at least on the outside. I can tell you it took me ages to stop from flinching after I got t-boned by a jerk who wasn't paying attention. The good news is that eventually it does calm down.
Good luck with the car insurance.

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