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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Trip ahoy.... Calling out to Boston, USA

Hello Boston and all points east!

I am traveling to Boston in December. I will be there from early Friday the 16th thru late afternoon Monday the 19th.

This trip has to be on the very inexpensive. I'd love to catch up with brethren from the order as well as other folks I've met online. Also I am looking for recommendations of cheap (but not dangerous) hotels accessible via public transit and/or crash space from brethren willing to open their floors (etc)... (I can send references as a guest) :)

If there is Mass or any similar activities... please let me know so I can plan accordingly :)

Thank yous and looking forwards to seeing everyone!

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It will be great to see you. That Friday is our monthly performance art night House of Ra, and there will be a Gnostic Mass on Sunday.

Contact the Hospitality Coordinator at seneschal[at]kto.org for details.

Aw - that's the one weekend I definitely *won't* be there! DocOrion will be here.

You are welcome to visit Providence if you feel so inclined!

You should come up to Boston, you lazy bastache! :P

Hm. You seem to travel a lot for someone with job/income related worries. I'm assuming this is a job-related trip?

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