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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Three cheers for research!

So, despite the name change and estrangement from my family, I do continue to do research into my family's origin.

I am building a fairly extensive website on our families.

Today, I got mail from the Ellis Island organization. They have put a new search mechanism together.

Well, my Great -great grandfather (dad's dad's dad) has always been elusive. To this day, I'm not sure how he got into the country. But I tried again to find his wife.

Today I found something.

Line 2 of the Manifest of the Pretoria (Please note this is a big jpeg)

fiannaharpar has been helping me read the horrible hand writing. jnanacandra really helped by fixing the contrast on the graphic.

So... if anyone wants to take a stab at helping us read this... I'd be more than happy.
Of most interest are columns 2, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 16

Comments concerning the details are in the comments section. Feel free to try to interpret before looking at the comments so as to not be influenced on initial interpretation. :)

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My G-G-GndMother (we think) was named Rivka Pinsker. She was born in either 1882 or 1889. Records so far haven't quite hammered that out. We think she was Russian.

The manifest transcriber thinks that this is the record for Riwke Pinsker.

So far we think the following:
Profession: {Something} maker
Age: 18? Would justify 1888ish
Last residence: Wilna
Final Destination: Bayonne, NJ
Passage paid by: Brother in Law???
Final Destination: Brother in Law Fosva? Cholowitz?, Bayonne NJ, 70 W. 20th


Re: As far as I know...

I read the b-i-l's name as Josua Sholowitz - close enough :)

Re: As far as I know...

I'm reading that as Josua Cholowitz. ::shrug::

Can't decipher what kind of "maker" it shows her being.

This is really a cool record to have. Wonder if I could find something like this for my great grandfather.

Re: As far as I know...

I have access to many of the pay archives. If you give me the information you have, I can see what I can find.

Re: As far as I know...

Well, I don't know if he came in at Ellis Island or elsewhere. The name's Harry Segal (well, what his name ended up being), and I think he was born in 1884 (considering he died in 1989 at the age of 106...I'm too tired to do the math, but that looks about right). My memory tells me that I was told that he came to the US on his own when he was only 14. The only other info I have is that he was from Lithuania.

Re: As far as I know...

And as just discussed in person (posting here for context): Wilna, Russia -> Vilnius, Lithuania, smack in the middle of Galicia :)

Re: As far as I know...

That would make some sense with immigration times, from my limited knowledge. I'm not sure which town he came from (which is rather sad), but my great grandfather was born in 1884 and was from Lithuania originally. Supposedly he was around 14 when he came here, but I'm not sure if I'm remembering it correctly or what.

You probably already know this, but the LDS church has the most extensive geneological records in the world, and, yay, they are all computerized (birth, death, marriage records from all over the world back as far as they can find them--centuries, literally. I do not think that they can be accessed from the net-at-large, but there are local family history centers everywhere, and, no, you don't have to be Mormon to use them. I'll find out where our local one is, and we can head over sometime. I have *yet* to start my geneology work in anything approaching earnestness. So, it'd be good for me, too.

Also, don't you need one more "dad's" in there--or is it just a great-grandfather?

Do you have access to the original document? There's a possibility I *might* be able to read more if I could see the original. When copies are made, you loose a lot of subtle marks in pen strokes (ie; it would probably mean my own writing would be near illegible if photocopied)

In column 2, I'm reading something like...

_er Ka_r
(guess you're closer than my guess)

Column 6:
looks like "waker" to me

you covered already


(I'm guessing it's a name. damn smudge)

10 or 70 or no.
200 or 210

ev/ur?sive Matt? Pefase?ker
New York. 2156. 2nd Ave
k_ i/je fasua? L?holowik
R/Baro_ _ce N.J. 70W. 20th?
give _____his own address?
the blank could be something like: _ae h/k_l/f d/o

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