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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

Administrivia... Welcome new readers...

I seem to have picked up many readers in the past month and haven't had time to do a welcome to the journal post.

As always, Take a quick check over at: lj://lordandrei/241231

That post talks about my filters and gives you a chance to pick and choose which ones interest you. (Some like OTO have certain eligibility requirements)

Also, if you've joined recently (like in the past month or so) and I may not know you very well, please leave a comment. There are some new users who I'm utterly unsure who they are at all. There are others that I've now met in person who I've been very pleased to finally have the chance to interact with.

Quick welcomes to:
damiana_swan, vixenesque93, girl_in_a_jar, ke1j1_san, lurkingwraith, phosphorella, pxdick, samajh, domina_lilith, solcita, tzaddi_93, zoe31602

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Hello! I'm Zoe, I found you through either scifigal or redsmlc (can't really remember) and read a rant of yours about magick users and finances, thought it absolutely brilliant so I asked to be added to your list. It seems my wish was granted. :-) I appreciate the thought and clarity of your posts/rants and your writing style in general.

I'm happy with whatever filters you set me under and know for a fact that I'm not qualified for the OTO filter (not knowing at all what OTO is...). There is no such thing as TMI to my mind, but again, whatever is comfortable/happy for you is happy for me.

I will warn you that I am a bit meme happy (2 am breastfeedings are good for nothing better than point and click) though do use lj cuts as a courtesy to those that don't care for them. Also my profile is a bit outdated, but that will be remedied shortly.

I look foreward to good conversation and reading. Cheers!

I've had you added for a while, and I can't remember exactly where I stumbled across your LJ. I'm just J. random person who finds many of your posts interesting.

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