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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

To post or not to post...

So, there is OKCupid. I really don't give it much credibility for helping my find people; but I will say that I enjoy the occasional question, test, and scientific analysis of how well I should interact with a complete stranger.

That said, I took a test today. The answer didn't surprise me. The question becomes... how "in people's faces" do I want to be about the results. It's a prime S&F filter post... but it really is a case of ... So... this is me. Deal.


Would be more than curious to see other's results on the tests but again... a bit on the 'in your face'

Ah, such musings. (S&F subscribers... stay tuned)

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(Deleted comment)

Thanks for the quick reminder.

I posted my administrivia post just now. I think I auto added you, but go ahead and check out the post in the administrivia. That way I can make sure you have access to all the groups you want.

I would have never taken you for a tease ;-) I'll beg if you want, it would be good fun to see your results and take the quiz myself...

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