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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

My backlog buildeth

I have a bit of a back log on posts. I haven't made a lot of public posts. Some readers of mine know due to the proximity that it's been a very involved and emotional weekend.

While I don't wish to go into great deal of detail in a public forum; someone close to me is very sick. This weekend I got to see an amazing celebration of the "Rite of Saturn" which in its own ways made me confront some of the reality of my friend's situation. Last night jnanacandra and I performed Mass. This was one of my most draining and personally fulfilling masses I've been through.

Today I will deliver sacrament from our mass to him before flying home to Seattle. Maybe on the plane I will be able to tie down some of the now 6-7 posts I have on my desktop to complete.

If I've seemed distant online, my apologies. This has been a topic I really haven't wanted to share with people. to the few people I've discussed it with; thank you for your support and time. To those who are aware of the situation, please see my post from last evening (Filtered).

Comments will initially be filtered and exposed as appropriate. Thank you.

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It was really great seeing and working with you guys again. lady_saffir and I are going to have to come visit. *hugs* have a safe flight back home. 93

Now.. no excuses; I came to your city. You get those Rogers-butts up to Seattle for a visit ;)

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