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I have too many things to post...

I have on my desktop about 4 open posts. On top of those I have about 3 more in my head. Some will even qualify for "Filtered" posts.

I must find a way through my sea of distractions.

So, In progress:

  • What have I been up to the past 2 weeks

  • A rant about an article that answered the question, "So where is written that third date equals sex

  • Commenting about my old irrational mexicaphobia as a vague allusion to interviewing at a certain company

And bubbling through my head:

  • S&F filtered post

  • On the concept of crushes, dating, and NRE

  • regular wrestling in philosophy

You are all welcome to comment on which thing seems most interesting as I work on them all.
Tags: lj, meta, overwhelm, posting

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