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You mean you haven't always been an Andrei?

With rarer occasion this topic comes up. I thought it might be best to summarize the history on this transition in my life in one place that I can access through the live journal memories.

Below are several LJ posts that consist of the year and half leading up to one of the most important changes in my life. A tangible legal change to my civil name. In truth, the change was pretty much a complete overhaul. The only item I retained was my middle initial. This is ironic because my civil middle name at birth was one of the things I spent the most effort rarely admitting to.

As I got closer to the point of deciding to actually make the change, I'd begun to realize that I'd been subconsciously making the change in an almost magickal sense over the years in preparation. The actual event almost became a confirmation of fact rather than a change to be made.

By the time these listed posts were made there was already some back-story and progress. the first post gives you about the history. Read them in order... That should sort things out :)

May 6, 2003
Read the section: Why is your name

Sept 12, 2003
Would you change your name

Nov 19, 2003
Training the mind

Sep 23, 2004
A journal change

Oct 7, 2004
The Full Transition

Edit 080714: Fixed the links to LJ's current style
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