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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

A very happy unbirthday

So, many people in LJ love to promote birthdays of friends. Today, I felt inspired to wish, anti/un birthday wishings to those who are currently 6 months off.

So, in celebration of people's "solar opposition"
6mo - 2 days: pixel12 & kaote
6mo - 1 day: bayareajenn

I will be busy this weekend so un birthday wishes to a huge clump o blogs:
6mo (+ 1 day): sorormystica, kyrene, xagent93x, echomoontide
6mo (+2 day): heruraha

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Haha thanks :) Happy un-Birthday to you too! Your half-birthday just went by as well.

you interested in playing Acquire (or settlers) this weekend if I can rustle up another player or two?

Yes, I'd love to play Acquire; ack: this weekend is bad. I have group commitments this weekend as we have VIPs in from out of town and have to entertain.


Tsk tsk you forgot mine.... FINE :P

2/26 ;)

My unbirthday is on Christmas

psssst. i sent you a text message. looks like i will be free earlier in the evening than i thought if you'd still like to have drinks. same place? give me a call, i don't have regular e-mail access.

Nice! My unbirthday is the week after Thanksgiving.

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