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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

MEMEtime: Memories...

...from lady_saffir by way of ardras156

Leave one memory of you and me together. It doesn't matter if I know you a little or a lot, anything you remember! Next, post this in your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

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...somebody in a satyr costume at Luna.

Everyone comments about that...

I really wasn't trying to stand out. Hmn, curious about my work that day :)

Would you like this memory unscreened :?)

Re: Everyone comments about that...

Sure go ahead and unscreen it

(Screened comment)

You know, I'm gonna plead 'act of god' here.

It was the wind. And if I say it enough... I might believe it.

Would you like this memory unscreened :?)

There's really only one memory I have, since we've only shared space the once: you at my dessert party, with massaging fingers.

If that's the first, last, and only impression I leave with anyone, I could die a very happy gentleman.
Glad to have been able to share a favourite pasttime with you.

Would you like this memory unscreened :?)

I've no objections to it.

(Deleted comment)

Many wishes and hopes

Yeah, he has a way of working his way into our working relationship regardless, doesn't he ;?)

Would you like this memory unscreened :?)

Hanging out in the empty living room of the duplex you and Regan hadn't moved into yet taking the purity test by candlelight. Jason McMullen showed us his bits when we didn't believe his answer to one of the questions.

AND (a bonus memory)

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Well, I remember the latter if not the former

It's like an itch on a synapse that says, there should be somehing I'm remembering, but I can't put together the memory at all. The furthest back I remember between the two of us in that place is Thanksgiving.

As for the other...

"There it is!"
I knew something along these lines would pop up ;)

Would you like this memory unscreened :?)

Re: Well, I remember the latter if not the former

Sure :-)

I'm not afraid to share our past with other people.

I hadn't forgotten Thanksgiving. I just said the first two that popped into my head. That Thanksgiving was the last time I saw you interact with your mother positively, which is a big deal.


You asa the Satyr in the Rite of Luna at Blue Horizon (among many others but that one was at the top of me head)

you're not the first person in this thread to say that? Would you believe you know the other person who said such quite well? :) See my first comment above.

Would you like this memory unscreened :?)

Re: Would you believe...

yes unscreen away! BTW I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in Nov and Deaconing for you as well : )

Re: Would you believe...

Yup, that is who I was guessing this was ;)

(Screened comment)

Screened Response Forthcoming

This comment means a lot to me and I want to respond fully. I am going to think about this and post a screened response tomorrow. :)

(Screened comment)

And oh did that trip get me in trouble with an ex.

And if I don't say much more than that and leave this comment screened, there are too many people who will assume I mean them :) And they'd all be wrong :-D

That was a really glorious trip.

Swimming and chatting in the pool at NOTOCON. Good times. No need to screen this one :)

Quite fun indeed, I love my "office space"

I find that I've had better conversations submersed in water than anything else in all my magickal practices.

Please keep me up to date on the folks out in PGH to see if they get stuff going again. It'd be nifty to sneak out there to do a mass.

(Screened comment)

Which knowing my tastes... was an absolute joy.

I so wish that we get the change to pass the time in a similar manner sooner than later.

(Screened comment)
I must have been so tired. I don't remember this at all. But then again, I did try to always be a gentleman towards you. Even when in goat leggings. ;)

(Screened comment)

That is one of my favourites.

I'm glad you enjoyed our party. I wish we could catch up on one of my now more frequent visits to your city :)

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