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iTunes Store, 2 years later...

Before the beginning of video there came to the net: Songs. The iTunes music store.

Not a lot, but some.

There also came a Mac fan-boy who was a Disc Jockey in the 80s. There also came a livejournal post.

In the original post I went "Shopping." I was looking for the music that I would buy. I turned up a rather lengthy list of requests that would go unfulfilled.

With the advent of a <sarcasm>whopping</sarcasm> 2000 videos. I was curious to see how far the actual music catalogue had grown in the last 2 years.

So now: the followup to my original list:

Cuts now available are bolded with links to the iTunes samples.

  • Metallica - Still not into the digital downloads; But... if you really know their library... You will find ONE song, Metallica had a hand in.
  • Madonna - Now her full library with videos; exclusive to iTunes
  • Yes - 90125 As much as I like the top 10 hit from the album; I like the rest of the album better.
  • Dead Can Dance And a nice set of songs there.
  • Alice Cooper - Welcome to my older songs
  • ABWH - Well, it was only that album
  • Jim Croce - I'll bet it has something to do with Dutch Label Saja Records
  • Baltimora (Tarzan Boy) - One hit wonder, one more still unavailable
  • George Carlin - audio books and standyp
  • Robin Williams
  • Queen - Most of the collection
  • Crowded House - Don't Dream it's over (and for fun: The VIDEO is available)
  • Herbie Hancock - Rockit
  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Experiment IV - Kate bush is now on the list, but this gem is still not available
  • Propaganda - Duel or P-Machinery; Interestingly, I bought a remix of P-Machinery off the iTunes store about the time of the original posting. It too is now gone.
  • Nena - This is a shame. The career of Nena has actually grown in Europe over the years. But this song in original form (and I mean before that horrible English Bastardization) is not available. However, there is a stunning reworking of the song. Might be worth checking out.
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • The Doors
  • The Beatles; Well as long as Apple Music and Apple Computers are not happy with each other... I wouldn't hold my breath here.
  • The Monkees. I would like to add in an absolute moment of joy to discover they also have the rather obscure Missing Links, Vol 2; which contains the absof&^#ing best thing the group ever did. A Spanish holiday aCapella piece: Riu Chiu; the discovery of which I owe entirely to lrstrobel. If you like aCapella, check this out.
  • Tim Curry - Maybe it's best that such old standards as, "I do the Rock" and "Paradise Garage" are lost ;)
  • Jim Steinman I italicize this instead of bold; because.. well one partial album out of his solo work. It's a start... but missing his good stuff. By the way, the iTunes "Jim Steinman Tribute" mix list of his other songs is sadly lacking.
  • Art of Noise
  • XTC - Could someone call Chalkhills and get them on iTunes? For those that don't know; the lead singer did the theme to Wonderfalls. Well, at least Primus' version of "Making Plans For Nigel" is available. Which reminds me... thanks to ariche I should point out Nouvelle Vague. I'm not going to elabourate; you're just going to have to go there yourself.
  • Mannheim Steamroller A new Halloween album. That's it. Because; this group never did anything else for the holidays, eh? This is like posting the Nylons and then listing only the album they did with instruments. (No, they didn't do one)
  • 5th Dimension - Sadly, none of the original albums; but modern compilations of most of their work.
  • Rockapella
  • Weird Al. If you really wish to see how good Weird Al is, check out the iTunes mix of his music and his victims
  • Survivor - Like many groups, compilations but not original albums
  • Falco - Unfortunately, only Falco 3 is listed; but hey, it's the original version of "Rock Me Amadeus" and unless you know that someone other than Into the Fire covered "Der Kommisar", what are you complaining about? No, that one isn't there either :)
  • Taco; I know what I was looking for. You know what I was looking for. They know what I'm looking for. There is however an album with reworkings and remixes of "Puttin' on the Ritz". (Now, if Peter Boyle had done it even once; then maybe I would have watched Raymond)
  • The Vapors - no. Only really one cut looking for from this one hit wonder. But a search did turn up two kinda thrashy covers.
  • Tommy James and the Shondells
  • Tiffany I really only went here, because after Mony, Mony and "I think we're alone now" this is the one you think of next. Interestingly the search on iTunes had 5 versions of the song. May I strongly suggest the one by "Screeching Weasel" pays the song the most justice.
  • Housemartins London 0 Hull 6 was a great album that gave way to an extended play single cut album that had the aCapella spiritual hit, "Caravan of Love." Interestingly, when the latter was released; the album jacket had an apology from front-man Dino Lenny apologizing for having to resort to instruments on the previous album. The link goes to their DJ Mixed hip hop music. Go fig.
  • The Cars
  • The Knack (My Sharona)
  • Men Without Hats (Safety Dance)
  • Men At Work
  • Huey Lewis - If This Is It / I Want a New Drug

  • Bananarama
  • George Micheal - I sense, that like Prince; G.M. is a product of a label that wanted retrobution and some of his old songs had to be reissued. The compilation has most of his standards, but some notables are missing. (Speaking of which....)
  • Prince Albums are listed as partials. Note, music by "Quigglyfunnylookingglyph, AKA. TAFKAP" is here as well.
  • Van Halen - Pretty damn complete library of both Van Hagar and Van Roth
  • The Smiths (2 songs)

  • The Police - Other Way of Stopping Which in 1989 made a killer tv news opening. (Having come up with the idea myself)
  • Cyrcle - Turn Down Day
  • Shonen Knife You know; when I came up with this list; I tried to find some really obscure songs that I knew wouldn't be on the list. This was one; two years later that I thought, "No F&^#ing Way will it be there." I came across this group while helping with a college shift at WRCT at CMU. The album was called "Let's Knife" and the inane song was called "Twist Barbie." Only J-Pop could bring us such weird fun.
  • Split Enz - True Colours (Only one cover in the album art ;) and History Never Repeats All their early stuff is missing.
  • Time after Time - Hooters I am impressed. The Eastern Pennsylvania group that brought us "Day By Day" and "And We Danced" (Both on "Nervous Night")is not remembered for the short appearance of an unknown "Cyndi Lauper" in their mix. I'd be more impressed if this recording had her in it rather then them singing it in retrospect.
  • John Fogerty - Vanz Kant Danz There is a long and passionate story in my history about this song. It didn't quite bore jnanacandra to sleep. She can tell you.
  • Never Ending Story (Club Mix) - Limahl & Kajagoogoo

Hmmn, maybe I should put together a podcast. Hmn...

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