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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I likes my local peeps

So, tonight we needed to run into the city to deal with some paperwork with our local Body master for the OTO.

Translation, we went into the city to exchange paperwork and it turned into several hours of good red wine, chat, and hanging out with babalonyieh and regulus666. I have also discovered that once I get past the second glass of red wine, the next 6 glasses go much more easily. I discovered this also to the amusement of jnanacandra. Well amusement and mild annoyance when my penchant for topic related stories became digressions that wouldn't let her speak. So muchly bonding (that's bonding not bondage) with our LB officers. (Also got to see all to briefly matertiamat) Inits in November are gonna be fuuuuunnnnnn :-D

I have to admit, that I really like regulus666 and babalonyieh. (I like matertiamat too, but didn't get to hang out with her as much.) But the people I did spend the night chatting with... I like them more and more the more time I spend with them.

As you can probably tell from the writing style... still a touch of alcohol in the system. (See we started with this killer sweet desert wine)... I'd say I'm about 70+% to sober now. :-) I had a bottle of water on the ride home along with a muffin. (Blueberry I think). Had two pieces of bread once I got home. We'll see how miserable I feel in the morning :)

With luck next week we'll get to hang with jonah777 and family.

A good night chatting about all things and all topics tonight. I like it :)


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I had a good time too - wish I didn't have to jet so early. Sleep, I needed sleep. I don't get up any earlier than Regulus666, but he's young, he can take it. :-)

It was great getting to know you more as well, and H!
I had a hoot for sure. We have to hook up again, wine is so smooth at times. Indeed bondage, er, I mean bonding.
See Sags are a lot of fun ;->

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