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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

No really, It's not a joke...

So, I have many times told people, "I have tea." I blend my own.

jnanacandra usually rolls her eyes when we pass a tea shop and says, "You have enough"...

So, finally, for proof:

This is part of the Tea collection... Anyone want to drop by for some :?)


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That sideboy looks exactly like the one my family owned when I was growing up. [Pang! Nostalgia!]

(Deleted comment)
complete and utter non sequitir: Love the icon.

Dude. Three words:

Twelve. Step. Program.

Hmmm, you should come by our house. I think we have you beat (when we packed our tea, we had about three office storage boxes).

That is a respectable tea collection. I have two 1lb bags of tea leaves, green dragon oolong and chinese black.

Yummm...looks like a great collection. Too bad I didn't know this when you lived closer :(

You ARE the alchemist of tea!!! Gods I miss your blends!

We're doing well...how are y'all?

Wow. Tell me more. Why so many? What are the different kinds? What qualities do you seek in your blends?

I've only recently become a tea addict, after I discovered Indian style: brewed in milk.

and good heavens! P was boggled when I moved in with just one [full] liquor box of teas (no celestial crap for me). I am SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!!

Okay, you do have more than I do. By probably a pound or three.

But only that much - mom kept buying me some for a while there, until I told her that I can only drink it SO FAST ;)

How long do you let altoids steep?

There was a show friday on KUOW about tea. It was pretty good they had two local tea shop owners (one from Ballard and on from Queen Anne). You might want to check it out if they have it availble on their website.

Your bottom drawer looks like my cupboard....'cept, not quite so much at risk of suddenly spewing its contents. I suppose I should organize a bit better. I also have more than just tea in the cupboard. I dunno what all I have. I just have lots of little bags of stuff. Republic of Tea's Cinammon Cardomom tea is nice. It's like chai without the caffeine, which means I get drink it in the middle of the night without being wired til the next evening.

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