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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

New Icon, take (um....) 3

Well, the crowd was kinda 'enh' on the last one. stillraven suggesting using a picture she got of me at the Seattle metrobloggers dinner.

So, with a little cropping thanks to jnanacandra's eye (and my hand, since my trackpad is an unfriendly bi^#c to anyone but me)

Here is the next suggestion on "How does this face work for you?"

Any better?
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Oh yes, I really like this one!

Definitely! Good picture.

Even better - although your forehead looks a bit red around the edges. You didn't have a sunburn, did you?

No, the walls in the restaurant were red, and the sunset light was hitting hard through the window.


That one looks a lot better than the last

I'm still liking the one you have now, it's undefeatable.

I love the medieval look of it... somehow I imagine you are weilding a sword and in full 16th century garb.

It's better, but I still prefer the one you're using now.

I was thinking of cropping it wider--it's ok if the food shows. I think part of what I like about it is your whole posture, and not just your face. It's a good shot, no doubt!

Great pic! I like it better than your current one.. there's a bit of mischeif to it!

that IS good. I can wonder "is he thinking evil thoughts, or just ...."

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