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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

To Icon or not to Icon

Perhaps it is my reluctance to appear on camera... (Which really isn't the case)
There just aren't a lot of pictures of me.

A recent one has been taken of me during a visit to Portland. I have cropped and adjusted.

So the question is... does this make for a good icon or do I need to keep working on it?

Relaxing in a nice chair in Portland:

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Sir, I put it to you that this rather quaint little vignette is you to a tee.

Re: M'lord Andrei...

It combines perfectly your suave sophisicated manner, with that slightly laid-back joie de vie.

In my opinion, your left profile is your best. The icon you posted with, followed by the webcam pic you took at the conference would be the top two icons to get my vote. The above would come in third above the remaining choices.

You're wearing glasses again?

That icon needs a tad more cropping, or photoshopping to get rid of the distracting fiddlybits at the edges.

Or you can keep pestering me to take more pictures of you.


Consider yourself re-pestered

Re: Pester pester pester

this is starting to sound my idea of fun :)

My only complaint about this picture is the glare coming off your glasses, otherwise I like it.

This picture doesn't really say anything about you. You just look sort of bored. I'd rather see a picture of you in your element or at least one in which you look like you're really enjoying yourself.

Something in my element?

So maybe something more like this:

Andrei in his element

heeheehee :)

Re: Something in my element?

Woah! Yikes!

I like the current icon. This picture makes you look stuck up and you can't even see your face. Smiles and hair down is the best on you! :)

I like the one you have, where you don't look like someone snuck a shot while you were napping. For that pic, it helps to know the context of the rest of the photo, but when you don't, it's just random amusement. :)

I've always thought that you should make an icon out of this one

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