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Why do they let them use IM?

Long day. Not a happy day. Lots of annoyances from many angles... Here is one of today's. Yet another IM'er I didn't even have the patience to harass:

mubeenhomeboy 3:03

Andrei 3:03
Excuse me?

mubeenhomeboy 3:04
oh why

Andrei 3:04

mubeenhomeboy 3:04
ask me why i call ui that

Andrei 3:05
How about just telling me rather than asking me to ask you. Secondarily, please do not 'buzz me'. I will be more than happy to block that form of behavior

mubeenhomeboy 3:06
my name is mubeen
the reason why i call u dad is that any time i saw men id u remind of my father ok

Andrei 3:08
Perhaps you missed the fact that I said, do not buzz me. I will make this simple by blocking you now.

mubeenhomeboy 3:08
sory for that
Tags: im, stupid

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