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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Why do they let them use IM?

Long day. Not a happy day. Lots of annoyances from many angles... Here is one of today's. Yet another IM'er I didn't even have the patience to harass:

mubeenhomeboy 3:03

Andrei 3:03
Excuse me?

mubeenhomeboy 3:04
oh why

Andrei 3:04

mubeenhomeboy 3:04
ask me why i call ui that

Andrei 3:05
How about just telling me rather than asking me to ask you. Secondarily, please do not 'buzz me'. I will be more than happy to block that form of behavior

mubeenhomeboy 3:06
my name is mubeen
the reason why i call u dad is that any time i saw men id u remind of my father ok

Andrei 3:08
Perhaps you missed the fact that I said, do not buzz me. I will make this simple by blocking you now.

mubeenhomeboy 3:08
sory for that
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According to Google:
His name is Mubeen Bawa Mush.
The only consistent things in the info is that he is male and wants a girlfriend.

He is simultaneously 19, 26, and 37 years old.
He is both Muslim and Jewish (possible but unlikely).
He lives in Kumasi, Ghana.
He is seeking this girlfriend by posting ads on men-seeking-men webpages.

Something tells me that you will not regret ignoring him.

(Deleted comment)
Old versions of AIM did, I'm not sure if my version does. It used to be right next to block.

Lmao, poor confused little-old muslim-jewish fellow!

I think that even if I re-read that post again after getting more sleep and not when it was 8:30am, I don't think I'd understand it any better. Methinks I would've messed with him longer. If the buzz is an actual sound, I probably wouldn't hear it anyway, since my speakers are almost always off. :) Jackal and Raven are in agreement with messing with him. Mwhaahaha!.......merf.

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