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AWESOME! LaRouche hates that OTO Satanic Cult

From lapidus_93

It would appear that the solid and focussed brain of Lyndon LaRouche has opened and more pearls of his wisdom have issued forth.


This is today's best-known of the hard-core, British-based Satanist cults. Like the Lucis Trust, the OTO is a direct off-shoot of the work of Britain's leading twentieth-century Satanist, Theosophy leader Aliester Crowley. OTO enthusiasts claim this organization is an offshoot of Templar freemasonry, and hint at very influential protection from among Templars very high in British freemasonry.

- - - excerpted from:
"Real History of Satanism"
By Lyndon LaRouche

My feelings on this... LaRouche hates it... It must be an awesome thing ;)
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