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A return to the HSX

So, money is still tight and the job search continues (slowly. Much like molasses dripping from a spoon)

Obviously, I've stopped playing games that cost money. Poker I only play for free now. And well, stock market... that's always been a play game for me.

So... last week I returned to HSX. Hollywood Stock Exchange. An interesting wrinkle on the analysis of Hollywood films. The basic rules are quite simple. No one can have more than 50K shares of a film. (Either owning or owing). The value of a share depends on how much demand there is for the shares. Over opening weekend there is an adjustment. (Much like a quarterly report)

The adjustment goes: Share value = H$2.8 for every $1(M) the film makes during opening weekend. If a film makes, oh...$10 Million for the weekend. (which a certain film that you must see did), the stock is adjusted to H$28(ish) / share. Those that ran up the price to $45 (Expecting a $16(M) opening are thus disappointed and lose money in their portfolios.)

It's interesting if these things amuse you. And if they do, here's where I put in my referrer link. Check it out for a week or two. Kinda nifty. Yeah, sure, I get little bonuses if you use my referrer link, but in truth... I think it's ... well for lack of a better word... "Shiny"

Give it a whirl... and if you're on... I'd love to hear your reaction.
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