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Sci-Fi poll: A quick update and a new poll coming

So far, I am up to 300 shows. Special thanks to meerkat299 who's single contribution of over 250 programs has been hard to top. I've been pleased to see people come up with shows he left out.

This post will be for discussion, and possible an age old flame war.

Already, I've gotten people who've brought up the Buffy-question. Is Buffy really Science fiction. It is obviously a show based in fantasy (Monsters, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night) but... it also dealt with science fiction in the use of robots, and super soldiers... Where does it lie?

So the question becomes, do we look into the differences between Sci-Fi and Fantasy for this project or do we lump them together? It is certainly possible to collect data where people rank, if a show is sci-fi/fantasy/or both.

So, do I include all 'genre' that could be fantasy, sci-fi, etc... or do we try to fight the debates as we go?

Comments on this will be public :)
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