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And while I'm being a heretic to the goode name of The Bard

I've decided to take my Shakespeare quote and do the absolute unthinkable to it :)

ph34r u5..
1F W3 5H4dOw2 H4V3 oFf3ND3d,
7H1Nk 8U7 7H12, 4nD 4ll 12 M3ND3D,
7h@ jOO H4v3 8U7 5LuM83R'D H3r3
wh1l3 7H323 v151On2 d1d 4pP34r.
4ND 7H12 W34K 4ND 1dL3 7h3m3,
no mOR3 y13Ld1n' 8u7 4 dr34M,
93N7L32, dO No7 r3pr3H3Nd:
1f joO p4rDoN, W3 w1Ll M3ND:
4nD, 42 1 M 4N hON357 puCk,
1f w3 H4V3 un34RN3d luck
nOW 7o '5C4P3 73h 53Rp3N7'2 7oN9u3,
W3 w1Ll M4K3 4M3nD2 3R3 loN9;
3L23 73H PucK 4 L14r k4Ll;
5O, 9OOD N19H7 UN7o jOo 4LL.
91v3 M3H joOR h4nd2, 1f w3 83 PHR13nD2,
4ND RO81n 5H4lL R357OR3 4M3nd2.

M1d5UMM3r - 4cT 5, 5C3n3 1; |>|_|(|<
Thanks to the L33t Translator
Tags: dare, meme, quotes, sick

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