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Well, where to start, where to start.

Today seemed to be going along fine. Meetings and planning, a little coding...not alot.

I actually got out of the office at 5:15ish pm.
Traffic however was not my friend. I didn't get home until 7:15.

Yes kids...8 miles... 2 hours. Welcome to Los Angeles.

I stop at the mail room and pick up the mail. News from my insurance company. Ah, they've cancelled my auto insurance. Aparently, the bank opted not to release the money to them despite the fact that I had the funds. Well, the bank didn't pay them, so they figured the check must be bad. Now I have to yell at my brokerage tomorrow to find out why the fundes weren't released. I had to set up an entirely new insurance policy. Aparently, the letter wanted me to know that my policy was cancelled earlier in the week. I just thank the gods that I wasn't pulled over for any reason in the past two days.

I get home. I log in to the net. Note. This was typed offline because my net is being a pissy-ass bitch tonight. Up and down, AIM logs me in, AIM logs me out. Web pages load like sludge. Zzzz. My AIMs send, my AIMs don't send.

So I figure...Hmmn, maybe I should check

Power Link Network Status Update04/18/2002
Service Type1-Way Power Link , 2 Way Power Link and 56K , 2-Way Power Link , 3-Way Power Link
StatusService Affecting
Status TypeService Problem
DescriptionService Outage
Action TakenWe are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible
Additional Comments Customers in the Van Nuys, CA area will be unable to surf to all sites. Updated 4/18/02 4:17pm

Fine... I will call (knock knock knock)
Nope, People are coming to audition tonight.

Well auditions went more smoothly than planned...but...
So, 3 nights of auditions as planned and 7 auditionees for 9 parts.
Yes, gone are the days when I had sufficient charisma to pull in 20 people to be in a show. But such also is a kingdom in the SCA where they can fight all year long. Arts have to authorize in flourentine (sp?) to actually beat people in.

Auditions ended. I called Ari for a little while and afterwards watched the net come crumbling to a complete and final death. Green lights gave way to the red light that said, "Thank you for playing." You can always tell: Number 1 at the top goes red. Number 3 & 4 blink green.

So, As I always do, I power cycle the modem. Ooh!!!! Now I have 1 off and 3 green. I can honestly say, I don't know what that means. This means there is an active in stream and out stream but the modem isn't actually receiving data. When I sort that one out....

A call to Adelpha. They put me on hold for about 10 miunutes. I get transfered to someone obviously a tech. He puts me on hold for 5 minutes. My lights switch on.

"Yeah, we had a rejected download. I reset it."

It's midnight. AIM has just gone down...again... Can I have a do over?

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