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So, I decided that I wanted Deviled Eggs. Mind you... I've never made Deviled Eggs.
Note also, that I've never had a great deal of luck with Hard Boiling eggs, either.

But tonight I decided I was gonna make 'em.

Hard Boiling the eggs took about 18 minutes from fridge to bowl. Then about another 15 to cool.

The Deviling part took about 15-20 minutes. Granted, about 10 was shelling the newly HBEs.

While, the secret of the deviling is apparently a family secret that gets passed on via initiatory ritual with threat of communication resulting in pain by hanging by one's lower endowments... I will now... risk the damage by giving my first attempt recipe:

6 fork mashed HBE yolks.
1 tsp: Grey Poupon country mustard
1/4 cup, lt. mayo
Mix until that pasty goo.

1 dash Ground Black Pepper
1 dash Seasoned Salt
1 dash Paul Prudhomme's Poultry Magic (It seemed appropriate)
Mix again

Put contents of gruel into baggie. Cut off a corner.
Squeeze into HBE half whites.
Sprinkle on Paprika

Taste analysis? I think the first run went well.

Pictures here

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