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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I am domestic!

So, I decided that I wanted Deviled Eggs. Mind you... I've never made Deviled Eggs.
Note also, that I've never had a great deal of luck with Hard Boiling eggs, either.

But tonight I decided I was gonna make 'em.

Hard Boiling the eggs took about 18 minutes from fridge to bowl. Then about another 15 to cool.

The Deviling part took about 15-20 minutes. Granted, about 10 was shelling the newly HBEs.

While, the secret of the deviling is apparently a family secret that gets passed on via initiatory ritual with threat of communication resulting in pain by hanging by one's lower endowments... I will now... risk the damage by giving my first attempt recipe:

6 fork mashed HBE yolks.
1 tsp: Grey Poupon country mustard
1/4 cup, lt. mayo
Mix until that pasty goo.

1 dash Ground Black Pepper
1 dash Seasoned Salt
1 dash Paul Prudhomme's Poultry Magic (It seemed appropriate)
Mix again

Put contents of gruel into baggie. Cut off a corner.
Squeeze into HBE half whites.
Sprinkle on Paprika

Taste analysis? I think the first run went well.

Pictures here

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sometimes a dash of worchester sauces and dry powered mustard work well as flavor additives too! good job!

Always making with the Yolks, this one is.

Yep! Those look like deviled eggs to me! Good job.

Psst...wanna know one of my secrets?

ooooo eggums..... *I usually just spoon the mixture into the eggs* and did you cut off just a wee bit off the bottom of the white halves so they sat flat? ;)

Nice job mr. Now sharrrrrrrrrrrrre.

:D Eggggggggggcellent job.

I've always found that six minutes is a good amount of time for hard boiling eggs. Six minutes or so to reach boiling point, six minutes to boil. If you use an egg timer, you flip it twice after it boils, which is six minutes. I figure it takes about six minutes on a gas stove to reach boiling.

18 minutes to boil an egg?! Oy. The way I was taught was to put the eggs in cold, shut off the stove when it starts boiling and leave the lid on the pot and wander off until I remeber I was boiling eggs, again. This is about 8 minutes or so. I think I've been impatient on the occassion and pulled them out at 5. I forget if they would've been hard enough to devil.

So, under the faucet to cool. The easiest is to just hold them under cold water (tap doesn't need to be on full blast. Just enough that it's not trickling at near nothing) until they don't feel like they're burning through my fingers anymore. Spoons help in this matter. Chinese soup spoons are good. Western ones are shallower and take more concetration to keep the egg on the spoon than I have available in the morning. Of course you could also sit them in a bowl of cold water in the sink, roll them about and then change the water once when the water starts heating up.

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