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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Sunday I went gothy clubbing

This weekend's adventure and result: (Note picture links have been fixed twice)

This weekend I had a guest come visit me for the weekend. My guest was Jaisan. Jai is from San Diego and a fellow performer. Currently, she is performing on the Star of India.

I haven't seen Jaisan since Pennsic War XXX, last summer. Jaisan was one of the dear friends who became a member in high standing of Andrei's Harem. (Thank you's to Ari, Jaisan, Ko, Elisssabeth, Alexandria, and Aelfwyn for the marvelous company you were at War)

Now, I suppose I should correct myself. Jaisan didn't come up to L.A. I dragged her kicking (nothing) and screaming (so quietly that she wouldn't have awoken a librarian). It turned out she had a free weekend and I'd just had a horrendous week (which is due to an NDA that I'm not allowed to comment about)

I beg...anyone who knows about my flight this past week, please do NOT comment about it here. You can email me offline if you are curious about the reasons for not discussing it.

So here was my Saturday. I *ahem ahem* flew in from *ahem ahem* and landed at about noon. I called over to Blue Horizon Camp new temple and asked if there was space for an extra person for the maiden mass at their new temple at 3pm. I was due to pick up Jaisan in SD at the ship at 8pm. So it looked okay to do both.

I bailed from mass at about 5:30. It would be tight. I made it there at about 8:30pm. Just as Jaisan was heading out. She dropped into the car and we went back to L.A.

We tried to crash shortly after getting back to L.A. but such was not to happen. Jaisan (also a Fight Club Fan) turned out to be suffering from insomnia. So...we talked a while and I showed her some anime from my collection. This was the Second OAV from the Urusei Yatsura series...Beautiful Dreamer. I also made some of my home brew tea and added some catnip as an herbal sedative. After the film we both conked right out.

The plan for today: Shop for gothie clothes, hit the hot tub and sociallize with Jai, hit the club in the evening. Well after a failed shopping trip the weekend before this one (With all respect to abnrml who was unbelievably patient as we discovered closed stores, vagrant winos who looked like winodw displays and an unfortunate toy and leather store for gyzzz (I think I'm going to see if I can get this as popular as grrls) I had a great deal of luck while *ahem ahem* away at (of all places) Hot Topic.

Last week I picked up this awesome pair of faux-Victorian blouses (one white, one black). And a fantastic, full length coat that matched right along with it. So, Jaisan and I head for the Glendale Galleria. We get there about 10. The place doesn't open until 11. By 12 or 1 we'd found boots at Hot Topic for each of us. Unfortunately, the floor model that fit me was a left shoe only. They couldn't find its match. They called around and found a pair of both at the store out in Arcadia. (15 miles Easy) We went. The boots were perfect.

Back to my place for some Hot tubbing. Warm water makes for great conversation. We caught up on each other's lives. Not tired, so we watched some of the Season 1 Buffy eps. on DVD. Then we headed out for the club. Sunday Night Goth Night at the Blu. Each night is a different theme and they rename the club for the theme. So, the club we went to was The Dungeon

More on the Dungeon in another post another time...But to finish off...here is the long awaited picture of Jai and I before we headed off to the club. The picture here is a thumbnail. Click it for the full sized picture. Note: this is me hunched over because the boots gave me 3 inches. I decided to give off my best Toreador, dramaa queen, victorian vamp thing that I could....

Jaisan and Andrei...camera vamping

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Nice booties!
It was worth the wait to see the pic :-)

The boots were actually far less expensive than I was expecting. (Under $40 after a Hot Topic discount) the pain was driving all over the place to get a pair together that fit. When they gave me the 10 in the left foot and said they didn't have a right one in 10, they tried to have me fit a 9 for the right. Unfortunately, the smaller boot was also smaller in height so it wasn't even worth trying.

The boots fit awesomely. (Even if I have to unlace them completely to get them on and off.

Would people like to see picts of just the boots for clarity?

Woowoo, looking sharp! :)

I've had a few friends ask for more pictures so that they could see the outfit more clearly. If I can get someone I trust with a camera I may try a photo shoot to see what I can come up with.

"You can email me offline"

There's just something horribly funny about this phrase :)

I like your little animation

I've always liked this icon. Not just because it's a feral cat, and it's a well animated icon, (and really appropriate for SJ) but specifically because it's not just one animation of the legs moving but there's actually variety in the animal's running style. It speeds up and slows down. It's just so dynamic.

Another impressive animated icon

I go to a developer's conference on occassion. Every now and then the lecturer will get into a particular question and say..."We can talk about that offline" outside the seminar. One seminar the guy said, "Yeah, we can email about that offline." There was a chuckle. By the end of the conference it was the catch phrase.

I'll *ahem* email you offline.

Nice. I'm still willing to help out if ya'd like. Just not this weekend. Things are already crazy enough. But if we can't work it out so that I can go shopping with ya, head to The Crypt (I think it's on Melrose, not too sure though, it's been 3 years since I've been there), they have some GREAT clothes. ;)

Yes, after a disasterous adventure in W. Hollywood, many people told me Melrose. This weekend is also bad for me as I am going to Pittsburgh. I have to pick up a can of half-a-dad. And it's sort of an alumni renuion out there. Which means I'm going to miss another party this weekend. But next weekend!

I'm hoping to drag you and J over next weekend. maybe some shopping, hot tubbin', the party, and the club if you guys are up for it ;)

Feel free to IM, comment, or drop an email :-)

Sounds good. :) Talk to Justin too, though. ;)

I have to pick up a can of half-a-dad
..and I thought phoning you up the night I picked him up saying, "Harvey and I just took a little drive around the East End, but we're home now." and introducing people to him when they come over ("That's Finn, the cats are Tiger and Hank, oh, and this is half of Greg's dad.") was fucked up. Okay, it's all fucked up.

Well, you know what they say, if you can't laugh........

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