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Let the network begin... I'm on craigslist

So, I made a post to the local craigslist.

It's all anonymofied to try to get people who are serious but at the same time to prevent spam.

Please feel free to pass this link along:

The fully formatted version of the resume is online at:

(Hey ph0s this one is slightly newer and reformatted. )

Anyone who gets me a successful lead will get a signing bonus of $200 from me.

Successful lead means your reccommendation, refferal, or job listing sent to me, yields a contract. Payment will be in cash or checque 2 weeks after first paycheck is received. Void where prohibited by law. Void if you're in the state of Denial. Applicant is an equal opportunity Andrei. Come on there had to be fine print. And if you've actually read this far, kudos. It means you care. Include the statement, 'I read the fine print (93)' and I'll add another fifty to my signing bonus to you if I get the job.
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