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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Hunks followup

So, about this Hunks of Hanukkah thing.

Apparently, I've received 3 nominations. And I know for a fact that they aren't from jnanacandra.

So in the words of Brian in Avenue Q (at least the soundtrack as it's been cut from the Vegas show), 'Thanks, everybody!'

I'm kinda really surprised. I guess, now I have to come up with an appropriate picture for voting purposes. I'm more than willing to take advice on this as I really don't think I'd take something like this on looks alone ;)
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I am guilty for at least one of those nominations :-)

Oh god... If we get a "they love me.. they really love me speech" I am going to reach through this... um... wireless connection and slap you!

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