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Dear Heavens! He Posted

Why yes, I haven't posted in a while. Life has actually been too much of a distraction. But, when a naked girl climbs over to you for kisses every morning... who's going to blame you for reduced postings?

Well, that aside, I was flipping through some of my random sites and decided to take a look on OKCupid. This is a bizarre little site that believes that it can pinpoint matches far better than any other site. It does so by asking you (over time) hundreds maybe thousands of little multiple choice questions.

All are incredibly open to interpretation and debate. You pick the one answer that best suits you; the up to all but one answer that you'd like your matches to pick, and how important this question is to your dating someone. (Or... you can just skip the question outright)

In the words of Hedy LeMarr, "Why am I telling you this?"

Well, one question popped up that sent my little Thelemic mind reeling. The question was as follows:

"Is your duty to religion/God even more important than your family" answer: Yes or No.

Gads. My gut instinct would be to put a resounding "NO" down. I've dealt with so many fundamentalists in my life that... that... and then I rethought the question...

Standard disclaimer applies. My philosophy, my interpretations, my beliefs. And since I'm in a perky mood, though my face wouldn't indicate it, I'll even add in "Nyah Nyah."

A brother in the order recently pointed out to me (and I'm going to horribly misquote it) that religious writings are the excrement of someone who has had a legitimate religious experience. The problem is that most people are more interested in the writings than the core experiences that resulted in the writers religious enlightenment. Effectively, he goes on to point out that must fundamentalists as a result are nothing more than Philosophical Scatologists.

Well, that, a map, and a quarter still won't get you coffee at $tarbucks. But it reminds me of a very important fact. Devotion to a religious path does NOT equate out to fundamentalism. I realize that in my own world view, I have become incredibly religious. My personal definitions of 'the divine' and my quest towards that point are very real and very much alive. They are also mine.

Going back to the question of Duty to religion over duty to family. Interestingly, because of my philosophy, it is impossible to effectively due diligence to others if I am not doing diligence to my views of the divine. This might make more sense if I explained my views of the divine, and anyone who views thelema the way I do, probably agrees with this, but it's something you have to come to terms with on your own rather than putting it down :)

So, that being said, I answered the question. This prompted me to reconsider my biography on the site. On most dating sites, I pretty much point people to my LiveJournal profile and leave it at that. But, now with my newfound desire to talk more about myself and who I am, (Gosh, self involved much?) I decided to actually write a dating site Who am I biography.

I've spent the last 10 years training myself to not really care what others think about me. Many old friends (of which there aren't many left) know how dependent I used to be on the opinions of others. That being said, I decided to exercise the irony of putting the new bio here for the sole purpose of soliciting opinions. I liked OKCupid's format because it asks you to write a Bio while highlighting search terms. OKC of course is not the most liberal of sites, so I'm pretty sure my new bio is sure to put off the people I want to put off. So... below is the bio... Feel free to comment. (Underlines represent highlight terms, not links)

My life is better understood by going to

That being said...

I am a SoftwareGeekTheatreOccultPriestMacPokerSexmagickFootballGenealogy nut.


Where does one start? I am a freelance Internet Software developer. I am currently working on an idea that I think will rake in the dough once I can get someone to look at and invest in it. I have been a Computer Geek pretty much from day one. I was raised in a household in the early 70's by a father who was into gadgets and a mother who was into the arts. As a result, of course, I had very few friends in High School. (I attended far too many sci-fi cons and watched too much tv and early anime for my own good.

While in college I managed to drift through about 5 different majors, never really finishing any of them. My first love was, is, and will always be Theatre (or theater if you must spell it that way), I spent most of my time majoring in that with emphasis in Directing and Musical Theatre. Other majors included Philosophy, Computer Science, and Production for TV and Radio. The latter of which landed me a job as a professional DJ and a local 25,000 top 40's station in the late 80's. Since then I have also had a love of 80's music.

After college I found myself getting into Football (Go Steelers!), Genealogy , and of course Ceremonial Magick. Because we know how well these three things play together. The Venn Diagram of my interests often features no real crossover. CM was a response to being introduced to the philosophy of Thelema. Which is sort of what prompted me actually writing a real bio. This I can go into length about if you're actually still reading this bio and curious. As for Genealogy, I've been researching my family history. Unfortunately, since I was raised a twice a year Jew by New York parentage, this really means that to learn about my family history, one need only to rent Fiddler on the Roof which is about as far back as we can go.

Like many people in the past few years, I've been utterly bitten by the Texas Hold'em bug. I occasionally travel to Las Vegas. Granted I love to travel in general. Many of the activities I do require me to travel. On the side I spice my life by adding in a few other unrelated interests such as making my own teas, doing cross stitch, and of course bloging.

Today? Well, in July of 2005 I moved to just north of Seattle from Los Angeles, of course both are huge changes for a boy raised in Pennsylvania. I consider myself a real Pennsylvanian having spent 15 years in the state of Philadelphia and 15 years in the state of Pittsburgh. But I absolutely adore Snohomish county. It's a return to sub-sub-urban roots with a city just within reach for when I need my debauchery fix. In August of 2004 I married a wonderful woman who I am madly in love with. I am pleased to say that my affection for her grows more every day even after our first year.

Of course, this is a dating site. This means that I should point out that we are assuredly in an open marriage and do fully practice polyamory. This would probably send most people on this site running for cover. This has been a very wonderful thing all around though at this point neither of us have any other established partners.

I believe in living life to its fullest. Finding the truth path to self discovery. Occasionally, I come off as normal. Thankfully, not too often.
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