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Okay, now something serious... Soapbox mode on...

I picked this up from cagekitten

I was surprised at first at how fast my reaction came. I feel very strongly about this and am going to state my opinion right off the bat. I don't like it.

This of course is going to open me up for a huge flame war and I'll lay money where the first flames come from.

So here it is folks. The newest weapon in the war against rape:
The Anti-rape condom

I have no love of rapists and firmly believe that anyone who commits a crime that heinous should be put away with little to no chance of parole.

Quite simply, by definition Rape is a Sexually violating someone against their Will. And all joking aside I consider myself a thelemite who practices sexual magicks. In other words if there is any one single act that I must be the most tuned about it is not violating the will of another especially sexually. The idea of someone doing this absolutely sickens me. And there are issues here on a personal level that go far deeper that I will not go into, period.

Now, that being said (for what little value it will carry)

This is a weapon. Plain and simple. Like a gun, a sword, a garrote. This is a concealed item that is designed to cause damage. And we know how well everyone plays with guns. Everyone uses them for defense and hunting only, right? No one would ever use it to commit an unfair crime or worse carelessly not use it for its designed purpose.

I'm going to set up a situation. He cheated on her. She's angry, she wants 'vindication' She buys one and acts coyly towards him. He gets all apologetic and she 'forgives him' They have make up sex. Well, no, he gets a barbed reminder of what it costs to hurt a woman. Then of course to add insult to injury she tells her friends that she bought it to protect herself from him because he might try to go after her.

Okay, some of you may be thinking, "Yeah, he had it coming." Actually, if there's anyone subscribed to me who feels this is fair treatment for being cheated on... Do me a favour... Unsubscribe from my journal. No offense, but judge, jury, and executioner from an unbiased source... just wrong. As despicable as you may find his act, this is not a justified punishment. On the other hand, some of you are thinking, "Gods, Andrei, you really are paranoid... No one would do this." You know, I've seen nice girls get drunk off their asses and turn into the biggest, most vicious monsters in the world." Personally, I can retell stories of the behaviour of an Aunt of mine directly to me when I was 12 because she was an alcoholic.

The truth of paranoia is that the worse thing you can imagine is something that 100 other people wouldn't think twice about committing.

My biggest concern is that while it could help the problem, it will create a very dangerous other problem. Now, I've heard the argument that rape is a question of power control. The "only" solution is giving the power back to the potential victims. Power comes from education. Power comes from control. No matter how big, how angry, introducing more weapons of pain and destruction aren't going to help. They won't slow the attacks because the rapist doesn't care. Once these things are known by the public, women will be manually violated by rapists to make sure they are not 'booby trapped.' There are far more reaching things to help this situation than making this situation more dangerous to everyone including the potential victim. Especially when the victim can be on either side of the bed.

Fghting the situation by creating more damage... that's not an answer in my mind.

As well as this will be used, it will be abused, and people innocent or otherwise will get hurt. Through misuse, through mistake, and at worst... through intention.

I like the intent... I don't like the execution.

But then again, many will just say I'm biased and don't want to do what's necessary.

Yes, I feel strongly about this.
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